12 Jan

More CNG stations coming

National Gas Company (NGC) Group of Companies chairman, Gerry Brooks, has described the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), initiative as a major contributing factor in the reduction of the nation’s multi-billion dollar fuel transfers and subsidies while offering consumers a cleaner and cheaper alternative fuel.

Speaking to reporters following the re-opening of the $4 million CNG compressing, storage and dispensing equipment at Carrousel Service Station, Cocoyea, San Fernando yesterday, Brooks observed that the nation has spent “over $4 billion dollars in transfers and subsidies and this CNG initiative allows the country to move to a cleaner burning fuel, brings two state entities together and provides citizens with a far more cost effective fuel option.” Asked about the reluctance by motorists to convert to CNG, Brooks said, “we are approaching the problem from several different dimensions.

One is that we have a number of new car dealers on board, the maxi taxi associations have been very proactive in identifying OEM (original equipment manufacturer) vehicles - both 15-seaters and 24-seaters as possible vehicles which represents a savings to them of over $100,000 based on the continuation of the vehicle.” “From a conversion standpoint, we have to pursue the 800,000 vehicles that are in operation to see how we can offer them a more cost-effective option, how we can offer them an option that is environmentally friendly, and the technology has improved substantially,” he said, adding that NGC was working closely with National Petroleum to increase the number of service stations offering CNG by 13 stations in 2017.

“It’s good for the economy because we avoid the $4 billion dollars in transfers and subsidies, it’s good for the consumer because this is a far more cost effective option, it’s good for business because if you are a small entrepreneur, we welcome you on board either as a franchisee because our lines take us to Syne Vil lage in the deep south,” he said.

Also addressing the formal opening was NGC CNG president, Curtis Mohammed, who noted that the CNG supply at the service station had been turned off in late 2015 due to equipment problems.

“Before the station went offline in 2015, it was the highest volume CNG station in the country,” Mohammed said, and noted that with two dispensers and four hoses, the Carrousel station can handle the filling of multiple vehicles simultaneously with the average car only taking three minutes to fill.

Meanwhile NP chairman, Sahid Hosein revealed that an impending agreement with the Tobago House of Assembly would witness the construction of Tobago’s first multi-fuel station to offer CNG on the island.

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