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Introducing NGC CNG

Compressed natural gas, or CNG, is natural gas under pressure which remains clear, odorless, and non-corrosive – and can be used as a cheaper, greener, and more efficient alternative to the traditional petrol and diesel fuels for vehicles.

A typical passenger car converted to use CNG normally has a capacity of approximately 15 litres gasoline equivalent of CNG, which can take you depending on your driving habits up to 200km. At today’s prices 15 litres of CNG will cost TTD$15.

Switch to CNG

Switching to CNG couldn’t be easier – new CNG-ready vehicles are already available to purchase directly from various car manufacturers in T&T, and more garages are becoming equipped to convert exisiting vehicles to use CNG across the country.

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It’s Cheaper & Better

There's Less Maintenance

CNG burns clearly and does not contaminate your spark plugs and engine oil.

It's Cheaper and Greener

On average CNG emits about 30% less carbon dioxide than gasoline or diesel.

With Long Term Performance

Because your engine remains cleaner, it performs better for longer periods.

and Super Quick to Refuel

CNG pumps are expected to fill the average vehicle in less than three minutes.

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  • Before I installed CNG I used to use at least $130 in (regular) gas (per day). Since installing CNG it is about $40-$45 per day.

    Adeshfrom Couva

  • After 22 years (of using CNG) I can tell you I save two-thirds on my total gas bill.

    Dexterfrom Cocoyea

  • I would encourage people to put on CNG because it is cheaper and easy to fill.

    Kishoorfrom Couva

  • I would encourage other people to switch.

    Brianfrom Couva

  • I advise anybody, CNG is the way. And if you want to save money, go CNG!

    Markfrom Princes Town

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